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Prayer Requests

If you have a need for the pastoral team to pray for your needs, please contact us through the form below. We will be privileged to pray to our Lord on your behalf.


Our church and ministry are dedicated to furthering salvation through God’s Word, and ministry to the underprivileged through humanitarian action, whenever possible. If you have a GENUINE desire to help others without any expectation of rewards, and is a committed Christian, you may petition the Archbishop (Luke 5:27-28, Isaiah 58:9-11).

Spiritual Formation and Vocation

The church also has an extended educational ministry, and if you have mainstream and/or Orthodox seminary training, and would like to help with the spiritual formation of other postulates, do petition to us as well.

Please feel free to contact our Archbishop for all church matters. We look forward to serving you.

7 Rue de la Marne, 7/32-RONCHIN, 59790, France.
Email: ospchancellor [at] hotmail [dot] com