The Church of Saint Peter & Saint Paul archdiocese in mainland Europe, is the church and ministry of the Order of Saint Paul, and presided by the archbishopric in Menen, Belgium. The Church follows the apostolic and orthodox faith, and is in communion with many mainstream denominations. The church is open to all repentant believers, offers regular services with sacraments in the churches of our dioceses, and Christian education, in accordance with our Articles of Religion.

We hope to see a world of federated churches united in strength, uniting the fragmented body of Christ. Through shared and orthodox theological views and interpretation of the Word, we feel closer to the Orthodox Churches (Jer 6:16).

Our Mission also teaches all to be kind and generous to all Christians in need (Eph 4:3), resist evil and iniquity, speak and live in accordance with the new Law brought by Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ (The Sermon on the Mount, Matt 5, Matt 6, Matt 7). We also humbly believe we should help our Christian brothers and sisters to understand the true meaning of the Revelation of John (Rev 18).

May the peace of our Lord be with you always,

Your humble servant of the Lord
++Arb Prof.Frédéric Burcklé von A.