Christian counseling

Our behavior, towards ourselves or the others, are mainly ruled by a network of reactions generally created or favored by our family, cultural or educational surroundings. Reactions originate from a number of beliefs and other factors, which in turn let in fears or phobias. These beliefs are found alongside with superstitions, resulting to assert ourselves, temporarily avoiding discomforts and simply giving us confidence when confronting ordeals. Indeed they drive us into greater fear and ultimately result in failure.


First, the therapist should be able to diagnose the origin of the disorders. Next, the therapist begins to “free” the person. The dysfunctional behavior may also be the result of accumulated neurosis. The ministry, or divine call of “exorcism”, mainly consists of removing fear, anxiety and other feelings, often reaching groups in which superstitions are active. Experience, confidence and faith are a must. To the minister, evil is everywhere, as a sign of man’s downfall. The master of false promises is manipulative in increasing human suffering, creating more anxiety and fear. Therefore, the minister must first find the root causes, and remove the anxiety and fear. Possession in itself, meaning penetration by evil of the human being, is rare.