Charitable mission

We are heavily involved with Christian evangelical and humanitarian work in emerging countries (Luke 14:13, Psalm 41, 1 Tim 6:17, Luke 5:27-28, Isaiah 58:9-11).

Mission presence

We have missions in South America (Brasil, Colombia, and Mexico), the Caribbeans, Algeria (Kabilia), Nigeria, and Guinea. We also work to bring the knowledge of The Holy Trinity in the Federation of Russia (Bashkotorstan) and in Pakistan. Our missionaries belong to our Branch “The Ecumenical Missions of Saint Peter and Saint Paul”, overseen by the Most Rev.Prof.Dr.F.Burcklé.

We have very strong links to the Greek Orthodox Church, and will always remain so. We also build up ecumenical relationships and communion with other Orthodox Christian churches in England, United States, and South America.