Ecumenical Council

The Ecumenical Council is the highest authority of the Church of Saint Peter & Saint Paul.

++Arb Prof.Frédéric Burcklé von A.
++Arb Prof.Frédéric Burcklé von A.

The Council provides the spiritual direction and the ratifies the theology of the Church, its organization, its hierarchy, the means and the implementation of our missions and their leadership, and the ratification of agreements of fellowship with Christian churches of different denominations. There is to be a minimum of 12 members and a maximum of 25 members, including up to 5 lay members having serious theological training. The Council takes decisions by simple majority, regarding:

  • Appointment of a new member (including secular).
  • Admission of an Archbishop, Patriarch or Primate of a different Church and denomination.
  • Expulsion of a member.
  • Adoption of new articles in our Canons.
  • Decisions regarding the Order of St. Paul and the Militia Sancti Pauli.
  • Authority over the Lutheran University of St. Paul, about the decision regarding the award of a diploma “honoris causa”.

The Council meets annually unless under express notice from the Primate. Meetings may be held by telephone, video conference, emails, and important decisions delivered by postal mail.

The Council

7 Rue de la Marne, 7/32-RONCHIN, 59790, France.